Sunday, September 2, 2007

September 3rd - #12


starthunder said...

heh heh - awesome stuff as usual


would you like some help with the html for this blog?? there's some pretty simple code that can make your header fit, etc. just let me know - k?

oh - and do you know if kerfuffle got any mail from me yet? give me a nudge if you find out, so i know it got there safe. kewl?

are you done traveling yet OR WHAT??? LOL

nob01 said...

Yeah - I screwed this header up good, LOL.

Seriously, I am of an age when programming a computer at school meant using punch cards - so I am totally crap at this stuff.

Feel free to fling something my way to make it all look pretty - I do admire your blogs so :-)

starthunder said...

all signed on sarge. load 'er up :)